Care tips

When making a full groom appointment for your pet your service always includes:

BATHING (We have several types of shampoo: Oatmeal for dry skin, bluing for white coats, Tearless for faces, and plum with a squirt of dawn for oily. For flea shampoo we use a gentle medicated soap that kills the live fleas and soothes the pets skin at the same time from all the flea bites.)

ANAL GLAND EXPRESSION (The reason this is done is because before dogs were domesticated they would express their own anal glands to mark their territory...now that they have set territories(their backyards) there is no need for them to express them and when they don't express this can lead to impaction and swelling and a major vet bill to remove the gland.)

NAIL TRIM (We get them as short as we can!!)

HAIRCUT (This can be from a short shave which is called a kennel cut or a longer cut which is called a puppy cut. For the longer cut your pet will have to be mat free the attachments we use will not go through knotted fur and also if the pet is severely matted it would be painful to have to brush them all out.)

EAR HAIR PLUCKING AND CLEANING (This is done so the ear can breathe and with the hair removed the ear will not trap moisture and cause ear infections)


CATS:   Yes we do them also if they allow us to we can shave and bathe or just bathe and deshed.

Please note that we are beauticians and not magicians and what I mean by this is coat types that are cottony like Bichons, Poodles, Shih Tzu,  and Maltese, need to see a groomer at least once a month to help keep the knots out of the coat. And you also need to do a lot of brushing and combing at home in between grooms to keep the knots out. Please note knots are uncomfortable: They accumulate dirt and bacteria, and we  groomers sometimes find open sores beneath the knots when we shave them off. ouch!!

As far as those shedding dogs go to cut down on the shedding you see at home a once a month groom will help but it will not stop your dog from shedding. We use powerful dryers and deshedding tools to get the shedding hairs off for you.

When dropping off your pet we usually need to keep them for 4 to 5 hours depending on how busy the day is. The reason for this is well every pet will act differently on the table. Some may be really good and others may need some extra attention and effort. We are working with noisy and sharp instruments and sometimes pets get scared so its good not to rush so accidents don't happen. We try to make sure every pet is comfortable while they spend their day at the spa.